The second of two Wine and Brandy tasting events featuring the Crown of Macedonian Wines – Bovin Winery – was held on 28 April 2023 from 4pm to 8pm.

The event was organised by NMM Asia LLC, the company that represents Bovin in South-East Asian countries and supported by Cohiba Atmosphere which has vast experience in hosting such events.

Guests for the occasion were the directors and sommeliers of major importers and distributors of wine, brandy and other alcoholic drinks.

Established in 1998, Bovin Winery is the first privately built winery in Macedonia and has produced many award-winning wines.

NMM Asia LLC presented 12 award-winning, high-end wine and brandy labels from Bovin.


Muscat Temjanika

Complex and sophisticated, the aroma of this classic white is very attractive and reminiscent of many fruit fragrances. The taste is long lasting and balanced with notes of elderberry and apple. The soft finish completes the very smooth taste.


The Chardonnay is a quality dry white wine with yellowish-green nuance. It is a wine with complex aroma typical for the grape variety, with emphasized aroma of tropical fruits – pineapple, banana, citruses, but also melon and apple.

Ana Marija

Ana Marija from Bovin is a dry rosé wine produced from Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon that undergoes a short cold maceration from which delicate intense rosé colour is obtained.

The nose is full of roses, wild strawberry cherry and pomegranate. Although there is a touch of residual sugar on the mid palate fresh fruits underpin balancing the sweetness.


Cabinet Sauvignon

With a brilliant ruby colour, this highly aromatic wine has notes of herbs, blackberry and cherries.


A superior dry red wine, it is a proprietary blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Vranec. Its colour is intense purple. The nose is full of red fruit and berries with a wonderful complex aroma and a rich and full taste. Its herbal fruity tones make this wine unforgettable.

This remarkable wine was served at the wedding of Prince Willem-Alexander of Holland.


Imperator is a unique wine produced from the variety Vranec, from late harvested selected grapes from Bovin’s own vineyards. The wine is deep dark red-black in colour and has an intense aroma of wild fruits such as blueberries, blackthorns, blackberries, and sour cherries. The taste follows the aroma and it’s strong and fresh.

An Imperator was specially bottled for the President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping, with compliments from the President of the Republic of Macedonia, Gjorge Ivanov.


This superior wine is dark-ruby in colour with granite-like nuances and strong fruit scents of black plum, olive and pepper. When poured into a glass, the wine is consistent with the sweet savour of ripe small red fruit.

Dissan Barrique

The Bovin Dissan Barrique is quality dry red wine aged for six months in new Macedonian oak barrels.

Dark red-black in colour with typical scents of cherry, sour cherry and red berries, it is recognisable for the Vranec variety.

It has a full and elegant flavour with long aftertaste.


An irresistible wine from late selective harvesting of dehydrated grapes from single vineyards.

Intense ruby-garnet in colour, it is redolent of a profusion of aromas of ripe fruits and dark chocolate.

Full-bodied, complex and impressive, it overwhelms the palate, prolonging your pleasure with long aftertaste.

The unique A’Gupka is one of 33 wines in the world with a double Gold Medal.


Bovin Natural Yellow Grape Brandy (Rakija)

This is a natural yellow grape brandy produced by classical technology used for centuries from ancient Macedonians. Served like aperitif or digestif.

Bovin Sv. Trifun Fine Brandy (Rakija) and Bovin Sv. Trifun Premium Brandy (Rakija)

This brandy is a special mixture made of white wines. Harmonious with ripe flavour and tempting aroma of caramel, tobacco and chocolate, it is to be served as aperitif or digestif.

Macedonian products such as coffee and traditional pepper-based Balkan delicacies were also introduced to guests.

NMM Asia LLC plans to hold more events to present other award-winning labels from Bovin to Malaysian consumers.

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