Founded in Beirut, Lebanon, Phoenicia is one of the biggest distributors of Habanos.

It is now offering a special collection of four lines – Phoenicians, Mediterranean, Volutes and Horizon. Each line is limited to 100 humidors containing 40 cigars each.

A fifth line called Journey, which is a production of 40 humidors of 40 cigars, is already sold out.

All humidors are produced by Elie Bleu, the French company renowned for high-end humidors, while all the tobacco for the exclusive cigars comes from the farms of the legendary tobacco grower Hector Luis.

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The Merchants and the Seas

Inspired by the legends of the ancient Phoenicians of the Levant, this collection of five humidors designed by Jean-Philippe Martin are modern-day luxury travel chests full of Habanos treasures.

They are remarkable and noble products reflecting the qualities of the renowned Phoenician merchants, dedicated to celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Phoenicia Trading.

Journey – The Legend

Throughout the ancient Mediterranean world, no colour was more revered than the Tyrian purple.

This line of humidors is dressed in this historic and admired colour that accentuates the traditional mastery and grandeur of the Habano, and honours Phoenicia’s long journey of carrying the precious Habano from Cuba to the Middle East.

The humidor carries the signature of Mohamed Zeidan and Habanos SA. Zeidan is Phoenicia’s founder and chairman. The words “Cuba” and “Lebanon’ are also explicitly written.

The red edges stress the Herculean columns symbolising the entrance or exit of the Mediterranean Sea; the long ancient route taken by the Phoenicians.

The Journey humidor houses 40 Ramon Allones Phoenicio 40, with a specially configured display that allows individual space for each cigar.

It comes with a limited ashtray of the finest French porcelain, a lighter, as well as a sensor for tracking humidity and temperature, all uniquely designed for this line as the perfect accompaniments.

Mediterranean – The Map

The Phoenicians, an ancient Mediterranean civilisation from the Levant, traded from East to West, colonising the Western Mediterranean, North Africa and even the shores of the Atlantic Ocean by Spain. Their trading skills were unparalleled and superior quality goods were considered luxury treasures of nobility.

This limited humidor is a showcase of the Phoenician’s marquetry, and of the Mediterranean Sea and its surrounding shores, where the Phoenicians sailed and travelled, dressed in three main colours – red, blue and yellow.

Red is the fundamental symbol of life, power, fire and energy, as well as the strength and warmth of the Phoenician people.

Blue represents the Mediterranean Sea and the vast open waters where the Phoenicians ventured.

Yellow is for the gold and wealth of the cargos being traded to and from the ancient cities of Lebanon, such as Tyre, Sidon, Arwad, Berytus or Byblos.

Colourful and radiant, this humidor is a reminder of the passage of time and history of the Phoenicians, the opulence and grandeur of their age.

The Mediterranean humidor contains 40 Ramon Allones Phoenicio 40.

It comes complete with a limited ashtray of fine French porcelain and a lighter.

Phoenicians – The People

The Phoenicians’ sailing adventures throughout the beautiful Mediterranean Sea is signified on this humidor by its striking blue colour. These legendary seafarers mastered the seas to become illustrious traders of the Mediterranean and beyond.

Vast open waters bent at the passage of any Phoenician ship are elegantly featured at the centre of the lid. On either side of the lid, over the black inlaid border, stands the figure of a Phoenician man to represent the ancient civilisation.

The Herculean columns, adorned in the Ramon Allones colour, remind of the narrow strait of sea that one would need to tread to sail to Cuba in search of the sought-after cargo of rolled tobacco.

The Phoenicians humidor contains 40 Ramon Allones Phoenicio 40.

It has, as perfect accompaniments, a limited ashtray of refined French porcelain and a lighter.

Volutes – The Art

The memorable stone carvings of the Phoenicians are honoured in this humidor design.

The rich red crimson reminds of luxurious fabrics.

A historical ship on which the fabled traders sailed the Mediterranean pays tribute to the Phoenician tradition and culture.

The chiselled pattern of volutes, a spiral scroll, is characteristically a depiction of the waves of the sea upon which Phoenician ships sailed, as well as reminiscent of the traditional and delicate Meridional art, and the mesmerising swirl of cigar smoke in the air.

The Volutes humidor contains 40 Ramon Allones Phoenicio 40.

It is accompanied by a limited ashtray of the finest French porcelain and a lighter.

Horizon – The Poetry

The lasting image of the remarkable society of the Phoenician merchants is perhaps that of their historic vessel sailing towards the setting sun of the Levant after returning from far and wide travels along the Mediterranean coasts.

This humidor completes the homage to the incredible journeys of the Phoenician people, in signature graphite that creates a radical but minimalist composition, capturing the lone vessel towards its ultimate destination on the horizon — Beirut, with the promise of joy of a Habano.

The Horizon humidor houses 40 Ramon Allones Phoenicio 40.

It comes with a limited ashtray of fine French porcelain and a lighter.