Havana city from 4 to 9 December 2022 received 30 professionals from the Habano world to participate in the 10th Edition of the Habanos Academy Master Course.

Participants from 19 countries and representatives of 10 of our Exclusive Distributors received an intense academic programme where the Habano dazzled as the protagonist in each activity.

The programme included the long-awaited visit to the plantations in San Antonio de los Baños, in the Partido zone, as well as the tobacco factories La Corona and the emblematic El Laguito, where the participants had the opportunity to roll their own cigars.

In addition, the participants also carried out tastings and pairings, and listened to interesting lectures related to the commercialization of the Habanos’ brands portfolio, the La Casa del Habano franchise network, the origin and culture of the Cuban tobacco and its D.O.P., as well as legal and marketing matters, among other issues of interest. It was truly a complete training programme to turn them into true experts and Habano’s ambassadors all over the world.

At the closing dinner, the graduates received with immense pride their Master Certificate of the Habanos Academy, delivered by the director of Operative Marketing, Ernesto González.

The Habanos Academy will continue to develop its mission to train professionally those who are directly linked to the commercialization and dissemination of the Habanos’ culture.