Cohiba Atmosphere Kuala Lumpur is a free-standing, three-storey building uniquely located in an industrial area.

On October 21, 2019, about 80 guests attended the official opening of the luxurious cigar lounge with a definite wow factor.

The ground floor blows first-time visitors away. It resembles the lobby of a five-star hotel.

An elevator brings you up to the first floor, where the main bar is. The bar has a great collection of drinks, which is not surprising as the people behind Cohiba Atmosphere Kuala Lumpur own Asiaeuro Wines & Spirits, one of the biggest alcohol distributors in Asia.

The bar has the same grandeur as the lobby, with plush leather armchairs and dark wood that exude a warm, comfortable feel.

On this floor, you will also find a large walk-in humidor with an impressive selection of Cuban cigars and all the accessories you need, as well as a big private room.

The ventilation system works like a charm – the crowded lounge is not too smoky even though the ceiling isn’t high.

But that’s not all. There is a second floor. A floor with a boardroom for meetings and more private rooms.

And because it’s Asia, there’s the ever-popular karaoke room that’s super spacious, stylish and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, including a humongous screen.

Jonathan Chow, the chief operating officer, explained that Asiaeuro Wines & Spirits wanted to open a lounge as all the senior officers are avid cigar smokers. And when presented with the opportunity to make it a prestigious Cohiba Atmosphere, they didn’t hesitate.

“We all smoke Cuban cigars, and we have a lot of Chinese customers that only smoke Cubans,” Chow replied when asked why they went for the Cohiba Atmosphere franchise instead of a non-branded cigar lounge.

“It limits our ability to sell new world cigars, but just being able to use the Cohiba name adds so much more value. It’s completely worth it, and I see a bright future for Cuban cigars anyway,” Chow added.

There are Cohiba Atmospheres to be found in several countries. Most of them are in Asia, but a few are elsewhere as well.

In Asia, there are Cohiba Atmospheres in Kuwait, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Bangkok, Hanoi, Phnom Penh, and now in Kuala Lumpur, too.

The non-Asian Cohiba Atmospheres are located in Sofia, Antwerp, Prague, Buenos Aires, Havana, and Cancun.