Habanos can be kept for a good 15 years, sometimes longer, and will, like exceptional wines, improve with age.

The right conditions

Habanos should be stored at between 16°C and 18°C and in a relative humidity of 65 to 70 percent.

The humidity is most crucial. If a Habano becomes too wet, it will not smoke. If it dries out, it will taste harsh.

As humidity varies with temperature changes, it is also important to keep the temperature constant.


A marriage begins between the leaves used to make your Habano from the moment it leaves the torcedor’s bench.

It takes time for the blend of filler leaves to harmonise and deliver the taste intended by the Ligador.

Ageing is best conducted in a large humidor where moist air can circulate around the boxes and in which the conditions are monitored year in year out. It is a task best left to specialist cigar shops.

The result is worth waiting for because the taste will have developed and your Habano will share its essence with greater ease.

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Source: Habanos

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